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Board Member Application

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, PWR Project is an organisation that is reaching for social empowerment, by elevating queer youth’s lives, through broad-based education on topics of bullying and discrimination. Through protest photographic activism, we aim to benefit all community members. This visual display provides a voice of reason and acceptance, in times of need.


PWR Project wishes to develop our governance structure by appointing two board members whom will provide a diversity of skills, experience, perspectives to the organisation and funding opportunities, in ambition for PWR Project’s growth. Applications are sought from various sectors in the public, private, and social fields across South Africa, such as social movements, business, media, development agencies and academies.


PWR Project invites suitable candidates to apply be appointed as board members for 3-years term of office.


For candidate consideration, a letter of motivation along with the curriculum vitae of the nominated candidate and the names and contact details of two references should be emailed to with BOARD MEMBER APPLICATION as the email subject line.



Candidates must:

  • Be in good standing in their professional fields and/or in networks focused on individuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and philanthropy;

  • Have a broad perspective on human rights, social empowerment, and philanthropy development;

  • Have strong networks related to the advancement of the human rights, wellbeing, and freedom of LGBTI people and/or philanthropy;

  • Have a demonstrated track record of leadership in their fields of engagement;

  • Be able to dedicate a substantial amount of time to the governance of PWR Project, on a voluntary basis;

  • Be a South African resident;

  • Be committed to a collaborative, constructive, ethical approach to the governance of PWR Project, that corresponds to PWR Project’s constitution; and

  • Offer the possibility, through their involvement as a board member, of expanding PWR Project’s social empowerment, advocacy policies, and fundraising networks in sectors that have not been engaged.

Capabilities and character of the prospective board members

In making final decisions about the candidates to be appointed, as new board member, PWR Project hopes to ensure that the board members, taken as a whole:

  • Has a good mix of financial, legal, strategic, research, and fundraising competencies;

  • Broadly reflects the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities;

  • Includes people from different sectors in the public, private, and social fields such as social movements, business, media, development agencies and academies;

  • Brings together an inter-generational mix of members; and

  • Positions PWR Project as a progressive, dynamic, innovative, leading activist organisation in the field.


Decisions about the appointment of candidates will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Board Members of the PWR Project are not paid for being board member. This is a voluntary position.


Closing date and interviews

Applications will be accepted until Wednesday 30 June 2021. Late applications will not be considered. Before final decision on the appointment of candidates, interviews will be held with shortlisted candidates.

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