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Make a difference in the lives of youth in South Africa

Do you back the importance of developing youth’s self-confidence and individuality, ensuring they know their differences do not exclude themselves from acceptance and understanding?

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Child Enrichment Program

For $2 a day, you provide 1 child with:

- 2 daily meals

- Essential vitamins

- Education follow up

Amount you wish to donate:

Sponsor 1 child for 1 year

Sponsor 2 children for 1 year

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Feeding Outreach

Aiming to provide 8,000+ monthly meals, to impoverished communities in Cape Town, South Africa.

Amount you wish to donate:

1 Meal

7 Meals for 1 person

Meals for 1 person for 1 month

Why we need you to donate?

Global assistance helps us provide to those in dire need. The effects of a corrupt government means those in power do not change their ways and care only for their own well-being.

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