to help raise funds for our causes.

Do you back the importance of developing youth’s self-confidence and individuality, ensuring they know their differences do not exclude themselves from acceptance and understanding?


DONATE NOW or join our Peaceful Protest at Sea Point Promenade on 31 October 2020.

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Child Enrichment Program

For less than R35 a day, you provide 1 child with:

- 2 daily meals

- Essential vitamins

- Education follow up

Amount you wish to donate:

Sponsor 1 child for 1 year

Sponsor 2 children for 1 year

Pride Parade Overhead

Queer Youth Safe-Centre

A safe space where youth from all backgrounds and means can come to, for an accepting, understanding and resourceful environment.

Amount you wish to donate:

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Feeding Outreach

Aiming to provide 8,000+ monthly meals, to impoverished communities in Cape Town, South Africa.

Amount you wish to donate:

1 Meal

7 Meals for 1 person

Meals for 1 person for 1 month

Would you like to purchase coloured powder?

Why we need you to donate?

Financial assistance helps us provide to those in dire need.

We are able to become more established and focus on core objectives to assist our community.