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Become a Social Advocate

Do you back the importance of developing youth’s self-confidence and individuality, ensuring they know their differences do not exclude themselves from acceptance and understanding?



Watch this video to find out how you can make a difference to lives of our next generation. We need you support to encourage your followers and fans to give back, creating a kinder world.

We aim to add 50 children to our CHILD ENRICHMENT PROGRAM each month, in Cape Town, South Africa. We cannot do this alone. We require financial backing to provide for those in need.


Each donor will be introduced to their beneficiary in form of videos, photographs & online contact methods.

US$730 will, for an entire year, provide 1 child two daily meals, daily essential vitamins & we will follow up on their schooling & ensure they are committed to their education.

We are committed to a variety of other programs, please find them here.

Please download these images, share them across your social media platforms & encourage your supporters to donate.


• Establishing connections with international supporters creates exposure & gives you the opportunity to get involved in global causes.

• Show fans you are invested in communities across the globe.

• Great PR for your social presence.

• Together we can achieve so much more.

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