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Protest Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way to express ones deepest and darkest feelings than to capture it in a vibrant and fun photograph.

Taking a PWR Project Protest Photograph not only shows your solidarity against bullying & discrimination, faced by so many South Africans, but gives you the platform to share a message of encouragement and support to those that may not see the "the light at the end of the tunnel".

The freedom of colours sprouts from the all-inclusive and boundary-less LGBTQI+ community. Though we are all human, we are all individual!

Let's ensure that our youth know their differences do not exclude them from society and ensure they know the importance of embracing who they are, so they can be the best them.

We understand the hardships of being bullied. You should know that life is beautiful and embrace this in every aspect, take your Protest Photograph and show others that you are in support of them, saying NO TO BULLYING!

You can take your photograph at anytime. Simply make contact with us to arrange your photograph, or attend one of our event.

Keanu Koen - TikTok influencer shows support against bullying
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