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Youth Safe-Centre

A Youth Centre is to create a safe space where youth from all backgrounds and means can come to, for an accepting, understanding and resourceful environment, our primary focus would be queer-identifying youth. The eventual aim is to grow the Cape Town centre until it flourishes and then expand into further locations around South Africa.


Many communities in South Africa are still under extremely, often radical, conservative influences, but as time progresses, so does the world and the mentality of youth. Thus, adolescents who know that they are ‘different’, who are brought up in unaccepting environments, are susceptible to discrimination, isolation, depression and in dire circumstances, suicide.

Ideally initially located in Century City, as this is somewhat the “hub” for youth in Cape Town and many surrounding areas. This location is also ideal since it is easily accessible via the MyCiti terminus, which is situated in a relatively safe area.


The Centre would, first and foremost, be a resource centre: It is vital, not only for youth but those in their immediate spheres, to engage and share knowledge on how to better understand themselves and interact with those whose beliefs may differ from theirs. It is a place where but also parents of bullied and queer youths can connect, at arranged meetings - to share experiences, information and support. It would be a safe space where individuals can find refuge, do their school work in a non-judgmental environment, meet like-minded peers, seek counselling and contribute toward projects that may further PWR Project and similar incentives’ efforts in fostering a more accepting society

People need to focus on accepting others, who are borne their equals in our great nation, instead of boxing them into certain categories and using the very labels they wield as proud titles to define and relegate them to the shadows. As a queer community, it’s not solely about 'Gay Rights in SA', as we in South Africa have had many equal rights for some years now. Rather, it is a lack of the enforcement of laws against discrimination that is the gravest issue we face.

Fundraising plays an integral role in establishing this centre. Please contact us, should you wish to help fund or fundraise.

LGBTQI+ Centre South Africa
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