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Programs & Services

How can we help support you and how does the community benefit from our programs?

Our Programs

We understand the importance of supporting the community, as a whole. From sharing messages of support, for youth affected by bullying, to discriminated communities crippled due to poverty and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abstract Love
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Protest Photography

Be bold and rise out from an oppressive society


Support Line

Victim of domestic violence or feeling alone? We are here to assist


Youth Safe-Centre

Creating a safe space where youth from all backgrounds can come to, for an accepting, understanding and resourceful environment

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Feeding Outreach

Connecting with destitute communities, providing a nutritious meal & positive energy.

Why back & support PWR Project

We know it's important for you to back worthy causes. Your support means so much to us. We encourage you to not just be a browser, but share what we are doing and share things with us! We love hearing from you.

Passion for people

We are an organisation of people, for the people. Without you, we cannot flourish. Your stories inspire us and show us that there is a need for the work we are doing.

Dedicated to do work

We are not scared to get our hands "dirty". Doing the physical work, means that our resources can be more focused. We do not have much, but we will make sure it stretches to benefit those in need.

Promotion of Individuality

We understand the importance of youth exploring their individuality. We are all unique with a vast variety of skills and interests. If it feels right to you, explore it.

LGBTQIA+ Community

We are extremely focused on uplifting the LGBT+ community, in South Africa and the globe as a whole. Our support and understanding can enhance the community and elevate acceptance.


We endeavour to link up with organisations set up to benefit oppressed communities. 

Entire society

We are set out to benefit all community members. We have a primary focus, but do feel our support can benefit an entire nation.

Around the Youth Centre

We are excited to be planning a queer-friendly Youth Safe-Centre and will be updating you on our plans and goals

Coffee Shop

Work Stations

Parental Support Groups

Protest Photography Booth

Computer Lab

Open Library

Fundraising Events

Chill Lounge

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