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PWR Project has 8 main objective and 4 secondary objectives, as listed within our constitution. They enable us to extend our hand of support to all spheres of South Africa's rainbow nation.

1.1. to become a strong, non-profitable organization, linked  with other role players within the community of South Africa.

Objective 1

1.2. to photographically, capture supporters in protest against any form of bullying and discrimination.


Specifically targeting LGBTQI+ issues within South African schools.

Objective 2

1.3. to empower, uplift and enhance dependants knowledge and skills with regards to LGBTQI+ issues faced by the South African community.

1.4. to train and skill our staff and volunteer workers in general counselling and understanding, encompassing PWR Project's primary objectives.

1.5.  to provide support services that are easily accessible to the South

African community, as far as possible free of charge.

1.6. to make a difference to the lives of dependants who are being bullied due gender discrimination, sexual discrimination or any other form of discrimination.

Objective 3

1.7.  to create a just society, fighting against any form of oppression and injustice. A society where all human beings will have the opportunity and means to realise their potential regardless of their gender, class, race, disability, sexual orientation political affiliation or geographic location.

1.8. to educate the community on equality, by means of support groups, presentations, information brochures and social media, empowering them to take part in decision making with regards to their destiny within the broader community.

2.1. to be known in the community as a place of knowledge and education. Providing support in service to every and any member of the community.

2.2. to continue with all projects for the benefit of the community.

2.3.  to network and co-operate with similar organisations, both local and internationally, benefitting PWR Project's primary objectives.

Objective 4

2.4.  to strive to adding important factors such as LGBTQI+ information into the South African Educational syllabus.

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